Kitay-Gorod (300 м)
Lubyanka (400 м)
Maliy Zlatoustinskiy side str., b.3, h.1
Reception: +7-499-409-2822
Booking: +7-495-229-8018
Novokuznetskaya (400 м)
Tretiyakovskaya (500 m)
Ovchinnikovskaya nab, h.6, b.2
Reception: +7-495-117-7577
Booking: +7-916-288-3890
Tverskaya (200 m)
Pushkinskaya (400 m)
12 Malyy Gnezdnikovskiy Pereulok
Reception: +7-495-07-07-07-5
Booking: +7-985-088-3955
Arbat (400 м)
Okhotny Ryad (600 м)
Sredny Kislovsky side str, b.3, h.1А
Reception: +7-499-899-7989
Booking: +7-985-095-0212

How to Find Us

All our hotels are loketed in the very  city center of Moscow.Walking distance from Red Square.


 101000,Moscow, Maliy Zlatoustinskiy side street, build.3, стр.1A

metro station Kitay Gorod (300 m), Lubianka metro station (400 m)

+7 499 409-28-22-reseption

From metro station Kitay Gorod take the exit to  Maroseika street and walk up to the first turn left on the cross roads.It will be in 200 metres behind the pink church. Take te turn left to Bolshoy Zlatoustinskiy side street(Большой Златоустинский) and in 30 metres turn right to Maliy Zlatoustinskiy side street(Малый Златоустинский).Walk about 150 metres to the” Москомерц” bank  left of you. Next 2 levels  yellow building is the hotel CITYCOMFORT.To get the entrance turn left after this building and go to the second door.Here you are.Welcome!



125009, MOSCOW, Sredny Kislovsky side street, build.3, corp.1 А Arbatskaya metro station (300 м), Biblioteka imeni Lenina metro station (400 м)

+7 (499) 899 79 89 -reseption


From Arbatskaya metro station (dark blue or blue line): There are two Arbatskaya stations on different lines, both exits are very close and there is no difference which one you use. When on the ground use the underground passage to cross to the other side of the street called Vozdvizhenka (Воздвиженка). Then take a little to the right and follow a small side street named Nijniy Kislovskiy (НижнийКисловский) about 50 metres until it crosses with the Maliy Kislovskiy (МалыйКисловский) take a turn to the left ,and follow about 200 metres to the Sredniy Kislovskiy(CрединийКисловский) take a turn to the right. Walk down about 100 metres to the black gates right from you. Behind this gates you will see yellow 3 levels building. You need to get it. There is the hotel CITYCOMFORT.


From the airports: You can take a taxi from all airports which costs 2500 rubles if you book it with us . We provide taxi service that you can book online.

There are fast trains  as well from Domodedovo and Sheremetevo airports going to Paveletsky and Belorusskiy railway stations respectively, both in the Moscow center, for the current price of 350 roubles. Trains leave from the airports every 30-60 min. The service is very good and from either of the train stations you can take a taxi or use the metro to reach us.There are also buses that leave from all airports to the nearest metro stations, from where you can take the metro to Arbatskaya station. From there follow the directions above.


Booking Department